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Guiding employees through seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Uncover the insights on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and discover 5 practical strategies for supporting employees mental health throughout the darker months of the season.
RFP Resources

Wellness Portal Evaluator Scorecard

Get the most out of your demo experience. This Evaluator Scorecard is a helpful tool to support your team as they watch and evaluate vendors as they demonstrate their wellness technology.
Case Study

Konnected’s Path To Excellence In Inclusion And Belonging

Explore how Konnected pioneers DEI in corporate wellness programs by leveraging CoreHealth's technology to create inclusive, adaptable wellness programs.
Case Study

How Air Canada’s Wellness Program Took Flight

Discover how Air Canada’s UBY program rose to new heights with the support of their technology partner CoreHealth Technologies
Case Study

Corporate Health Partners

To compete in a user-centric digital world, Corporate Health Partners had to go through a digital transformation of their own. Discover what they did.
Case Study

Global Health & Care Organization

How wellness challenges engage 60% of a global health and care organization's employees.
Case Study

Florida-Based Insurance Broker

Leading insurance broker delivers an intuitive wellness experience to a diverse clientele.
Case Study

Go Online Wellness

Go Online Wellness adopts CoreHealth's flexible platform to service a newfound niche market.
Case Study


MercyCare delivers workplace wellness to local organizations with the power of CoreHealth's technology.
Case Study

Discover Wellness

Discover Wellness streamlined their wellness programs' incentive management and improved users' experience.
Case Study


Read how WellNow engineered an analytics-driven wellness program while staying lean and nimble using CoreHealth's wellness platform.
Case Study

Inspired Perspectives

See how Inspired Perspectives accelerated their customer onboarding and improved user engagement in one day.
Case Study


HRG employees see improved health after engaging with CoreHealth's fitness challenges.
Case Study

Menasha Corporation

Manufacturing leader inspires and engages employees by building their own virtually accessible workplace wellness challenges.
Case Study

Living Well in Louisiana

Louisiana State tackles state-wide obesity crisis with CoreHealth's wellness challenges.
Case Study

Health Designs

The CoreHealth platform transforms how Health Designs supports users' behavior change.
Case Study

Hamilton Health

Hamilton Health transforms their wellness program to reach an 85% participation rate.
Case Study


CareATC develops virtual coaching during the onset of the pandemic using CoreHealth’s technology.
Case Study

Access Information Protected

Discover how one of the fastest growing companies in the records and information industry centralized their wellness program with CoreHealth.

The Complete Guide to Health Risk Assessments

Our ultimate guide is a comprehensive overview of health risk assessments to help support your health and well-being strategy and programs. By better understanding the health risks of your employees, you can leverage HRA data to help guide them towards better health.

Introductory Guide to Employee Wellness Platforms

Employee wellness platforms are a website or app used to host worksite wellness programming. Learn about platform tools and components that make for an engaging, easily accessible wellness program.

Wellness technology products: A comprehensive guide

Wellness technology provides organizations with the infrastructure to efficiently identify health risks, introduce data-driven interventions, and create impactful programming.

Employee Health Coaching: A Guide

If you’re ready to take your corporate wellness programs to the next level, employee health coaching is a great option—with proven results.

Stress and Well-being in the Workplace

It's crucial to provide support and resources to help employees manage stress and maintain their mental health. Download our infographic and discover 5 tips for supporting employees on their journey to greater resilience.

How to Maximize Employee Engagement

Discover 5 tips to create meaningful engagement in your corporate wellness programs with our e-book that offers practical and actionable advice to improve your workplace wellness initiatives!
Tip Sheets

Top 9 Benefits of Joining Your Occupational Heath and Employee Well-Being Programs

If you have an occupational health and safety program, it might be time to consider adding an employee wellness program. Find out how these two programs support each other and ultimately improve employee well-being!
Tip Sheets

Gaining C-Suite Leadership Support for Employee Wellness Programs

Whether you're upgrading your wellness program or starting from scratch, here are tips on how to select and present your corporate wellness strategy to leadership for corporate wellness buy-in.

White Paper: Build vs Buy Wellness Technology

Having robust technology supporting your wellness program can be a key competitive advantage for any wellness company or a powerful advantage to employers wellness benefits programs. This white paper will help you decide if you should build your own, buy a market-ready solution or outsource.
RFP Resources

Toolkit for Researching & Evaluating Wellness Technology Vendors

So, it's time to find a new wellness portal. But where to start? We are here to help! Download this helpful playbook that includes: A research & evaluation process, A wellness demo agenda and script, And more
RFP Resources

Wellness Portal RFP Template

Preparing an RFP for wellness technology? Look no further than this editable wellness portal RFP template. Housed in an easy-to-navigate Excel file, the RFP template provides you with a starting point to tailor an RFP/proposal for distribution to wellness technology vendors.
Downloadable Tools

Checklist to Help Health Systems Provide Employee Wellness Programs

So, you're a community health system looking to provide corporate wellness programs to local businesses and their workforce? You've come to the right place. This checklist highlights key areas to consider when getting started and includes a helpful business plan framework.
Downloadable Tools

Corporate Wellness Platform Requirements Checklist

Gather a high-level overview of must-have features and functionality as you research your technology options with the Corporate Wellness Technology Checklist.
Downloadable Tools

Design Thinking Process for Corporate Wellness Programs

Take your wellness programs to the next level by incorporating design thinking — a methodology of solving complex business problems with a human-centered approach.
Downloadable Tools

A Wellness Guide for Benefit Brokers: Creating a Competitive Advantage

As a broker, you’re on the front-lines fielding questions about everything from benefits and HR to health and wellness. Our guide will arm you with some basics of how to 'talk the talk'. Understand the pros and cons of hiring in-house wellness staff or partnering with third-party wellness vendors to deliver wellness to clients.

10 Signs It's Time to Switch Your Wellness Portal

As health and wellness programs evolve in variety and sophistication, and as participants become more tech-savvy, the demands on your corporate wellness portal are changing too. Learn the 10 signs that may indicate it's time to change switch your wellness portal.

Supporting Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

Are you a HR professional looking for ways to support your employee's mental well-being? Download our e-book for actionable mental well-being strategies.

Navigating Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace

Discover actionable strategies for HR professionals to support employees with invisible disabilities

Overcoming obstacles to implementing a well-being program

Discover 4 tips to overcoming common roadblocks for launching successful employee wellness programs. Let's dive in!

How to Prove VOI of Wellness Programming

Discover how to prove the value of investment on your wellness program.

Webinar: The Key Pillars to Helping Employees Thrive: The Science of Positive Psychology and Employee Well-Being

In this webinar, Paula Toledo will dive into research-informed practices and evidence-based models of well-being from positive psychology. Learn how you can implement positive psychology practices and concrete exercises that can be implemented to promote a healthier and happier team environment.

The Why of Wellness

Discover the why of wellness and how employee health initiatives not only enhance participant well-being but also cut healthcare costs. 

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