So it's time to find a new wellness portal. But where to start? We are here to help!. Download this helpful playbook that includes:

  • A Process: a suggested research and evaluation process to help you identify and prioritize your technical functionality needs and determine your in-house project team (a critical component to a successful project).
  • RFP Template: a comprehensive Wellness RFP template specific to wellness portals in an editable Excel format you can change and use as an internal resource and/or send to technology vendors.
  • Agenda & Script: an agenda and demo script for you to update and send to technology vendors before the demo. Providing a structured demo process delivers a more efficient, memorable and useful demo experience.
  • Scorecard: an evaluator scorecard that helps your evaluators know what to look for as they watch a vendor demo and how to score them.

Learn what you need to do to find the perfect wellness portal. Let’s get started!

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