Workplace Wellness is a Growing Market

Growing Your Business

Whether you are a seasoned corporate wellness provider or just starting out delivering wellness services as a revenue stream, continuing to learn and evolve is essential to achieving success. There is growing competition in the marketplace and it's important to know what else you can do to gain a competitive advantage.

The following resources are meant to be your one-stop-shop to help corporate wellness companies, HR consulting firms and employee assistance program providers grow wellness revenue by learning about industry best practices, wellness technology and beyond. 

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Provider Tips & Best Practices

Here are some tools, tips and best practices from wellness experts to help you grow you business:

Skyrocket Wellness Revenue Series:

Know Your Wellness Stategy Series:
Downloadable Tools
  • Wellness Business Model & Revenue CalculatorDo you know for sure that your programs and pricing are competitive in the wellness industry? Here we share a revenue calculator so you can easily experiment with industry pricing.
  • Design Thinking RoadmapThe Design Thinking Roadmap infographic will assist you with the process of design thinking when developing strategic and holistic wellness programs
  • Marketing Tactics Toolkit - Our toolbox comes with a helpful marketing checklist and lists of digital marketing resources, conferences, directory listings and more to help you skyrocket revenue.

Wellness Technology

Is it time to improve the process of developing, delivering and administering your wellness programs to clients?  Even if you use technology already, it may feel old, unexciting or simply does not help you deliver your programs in a fast and efficient way to help you grow your wellness revenue. Is it time to discover a new option?

1. Discovery

Still deciding if your organization is ready for new wellness technology? These resources may help you decide.

Downloadable Tools

2. Evaluation

You've determined it's time for new wellness technology and are ready to explore your options. Check out these resources to help you with the process:


Downloadable Tools

3. Decision

You've shortlisted your wellness technology vendors and are closely scrutinizing which one is the perfect fit for your organization. These resources may provide the final answers:

Best-in-Class Wellness Partners with Seamless Integration

Leading wellness providers work with third-party providers to complement existing wellness programs. CoreHealth continues to grow our network of best-in-class vendors that integrate with our corporate wellness platform providing an easy, seamless user experience.

  • CoreHealth Network of Best-in-Class Wellness Partners - CoreHealth has over 14 years of experience integrating our platform with third-party solutions. Check out our wellness network of 140+ unique wellness innovations for everything from corporate fitness, food and nutrition, health coaching, health content, mental wellness resources, incentives, analytics, financial wellness, health assessments and more. Mix and match or use your own.

 Customer Case Studies:

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