At CoreHealth Technologies, the health and well-being of our people, customers, partners and network around the world is our top priority.

With the COVID-19 pandemic growing every day, and causing a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, CoreHealth is closely monitoring to react and follow the recommendations delivered by the WHO, Health Canada, The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention as well as our own epidemiologist, Dr. Tyler Amell.

What we are doing at CoreHealth:
  • All our people are practicing social distancing and working remotely from their homes. They have also been reminded of evidence-based infection control procedures.
  • We are continuing to expand our offerings to encourage total well-being through behavior-based challenges, group and self-paced, as well as telephonic and video interaction capabilities.

We are continuing to develop and innovate our technology to meet the latest needs in the health and wellness industry, and the COVID-19 response is no exception. Our well-being technology has always been focused around preventive health and risk reduction strategies, and we continue to expand on this. We want to encourage employers to not just look at the well-being of their employees during this pandemic, but all the time.

CoreHealth will continue to monitor the situation, provide you with educational materials, support and our well-being technology.