What scares you?Man's head popping up from a table

  • How will switching technologies impact my business?
  • Will my participants like it?
  • Will it cost more?

These are just a few questions you may have! Being informed makes it less scary and so does working with the right technology partner. 

Why this Guide?

The options for corporate wellness technology have exploded over the last 5 years. We developed this comprehensive guide to help you learn everything you need to know about wellness software.

What's included in the Guide?

This guide includes:

  • The 5 W's of Wellness Technology:What is Wellness Technology?
    • What is wellness technology?
    • Why use it?
    • Who uses it?
    • When should I buy it?
    • Where can I buy it?
  • Features & Functionality
  • ROI and VOI of Wellness Technology
  • Researching & Evaluating which includes a Playbook with an RFP template, sample agenda and demo script/flow and a helpful Evaluator Scorecard
  • Costs
  • Implementation
  • Post Implementation

Your One-Stop-Shop for Wellness Technology!

Dr. Amell Attending GCFHW Conference
Dr. Tyler Amell, CoreHealth Chief Relationship Officer

Please say hi to Dr. Tyler Amell at the conference. He is our Chief Relationship Officer and workplace health and productivity expert and would love to tell you more about our Complete Health Program (CHP). CHP integrates employee health and wellness, health risk, chronic disease prevention, productivity and engagement with readiness for change, psychographics and personalized programming to help employees achieve holistic wellbeing.  Be sure to ask him about it!

CoreHealth Technologies are total well-being technology experts - it's all we do.

We take scary out of the equation so you can buy with confidence, implement with ease and launch successfully with minimal impact to your business. Innovate with style, adapt to whatever challenge your clients throw at you - with no limits.

Thanks for learning about us and enjoy the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces Conference!

An Award-Winning Company & Technology

CoreHealth is proudly recognized for it's business performance, leadership and wellness technology.

Awards Collage Sept 30 2019

Who is CoreHealth Technologies?

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is a total well-being technology company trusted by global providers to power their health and wellness programs. Our wellness portals help maximize health, engagement and productivity for 3+ million employees worldwide. We believe people are the driving force of organizations and supporting them to make behavior changes to improve employee health is in everyone’s best interest. With the most flexibility, customizations and integrations of any software in its class, CoreHealth’s all-in-one wellness platform helps grow great wellness companies. Simple to sophisticated, based on you. For more information, visit the CoreHealth website or YouTube Channel.